Raul Araiza would have exceeded Tania Rincón in today’s programme

Tania Rinconnn
Tania Rinconnn

Social networks do not forgive, and they went all out on Raal Araiza, the famous Hoy anchor, claiming that he acted inappropriately with his partner Tania Rincón.

Raise your hand! Many people on social media voiced their anger after seeing photographs from March 10 in which Ral Araiza, often known as “El Negrito,” was seen acting inappropriately with his fellow Hoy Show anchor, Tania Rincón.


Raúl Araiza acknowledged that his last love break “has been difficult” to  overcome - Infobae

Images from the morning show, the star of Televisa live, show Andrea Legarreta, Tania Rincón, Andrea Escalona, and other Hoy drivers joining in a group hug, which Ral Araiza joined at the conclusion.

What social media fans didn’t appreciate was when “El Negrito” unexpectedly moved too near to the attractive former Venga la Alegra host to hug her from behind, resulting in fright and, according to internet users, disgust on Rincon’s face.

Tania Rincón: Aparece sin cabello y causa revuelo en redes sociales

The Internet footage also shows Andrea Escalona’s surprise, who appears to have disagreed with the acts of her partner, the male host with the longest tenure on the Hoy Show.

Many people believed that Ral Araiza Herrera deserved his partner an apology for his actions, which were viewed as a genuine lack of respect; this is not the first time that Hoy has become a fad as a result of “El Negrito’s” actions.

Así fueron los inicios de Tania Rincón en el mundo artístico

Previously, it was the son of Norma Herrera who grabbed notice by unexpectedly kissing Andrea Legarreta, with photographs circulating showing that during a game, the driver arrived suddenly, taking his partner by surprise, and placing a powerful kiss on her.

El Negrito promised that it was not the first time they kissed because, remember, they were a couple in a soap opera when they were younger and conveyed his feelings for the host and actress he has known for years.

Ni traigo aliento": Tania Rincón aparece en supuesto estado de ebriedad y  la confrontan en "Hoy" | El Heraldo de México

The Hoy Program has recently become a trend as a result of divorces, a situation that some say could already be a requirement to be a part of Televisa’s star programme. Andrea Legarreta, Tania Rincón, and Galilea Montijo were the lovely hosts who revealed to viewers that their love affairs had terminated.

The most complex aspect of these divorces is the presence of children, a situation for which these celebrities wisely offered statements with respect and assurance that there is enormous affection and respect for their ex-partners and parents of their children.

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