Paulina Rubio returns with new songs and tons of love to celebrate life

Paulina Rubio
Paulina Rubio

The Golden Girl describes herself as a tenacious and determined lady who want to continue making music, caring for her children, and finding a new love.

Paulina Rubio lost her mother, Susana Dosamantes, only eight months ago, an event that changed her life and that she has yet to fully recover, but she learned from the actress that the show must go on, which is why she returns to the music industry with a full theme.

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“You must recognize that life might end at any time and that you must celebrate it because we all know how valuable it is… Having a character like mine is really nice, but it is also risky, because you are always well, but what happened to my mother I overstepped and it’s also alright, because we are all human, but now my communication with her has altered, “He stated.

“We have had moments of introspection as a family and being united has helped us a lot to move forward. Children are wonderful for this, their illusion gives me a lot of faith and hope… As well as that connection with the fans, even from a distance, ”she explained.

His children, Eros and Nicolás, as well as his supporters, have given him the strength to go on every day. Also, she is certain that her mother wished for her to be happy, developed, and singing, which is why she returns to the stage with great passion and hope with “It’s not my fault.”

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The Golden Girl is also at ease because the pandemic allowed her to spend more time with her mother than she had previously.

“It is that without those stories we are not true and the competition never ends. But when you put your ego aside and really talk to your feelings, it’s time to build a community, duets and collaborations, and beyond those that don’t, because there will be a corner in hell for women who don’t support others,” she said. . 

Dosamantes had always been in the forums since she was a child, and her schedules were more hectic after she entered Timbiriche, but the confinement brought them closer.

“It has been 20 years since I was on the same roof with her and the pandemic offered me the opportunity to enjoy a sunset with my mother and my children.

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Learn to trim hair, paint the walls of your house, fumigate, and brew vinegar alcohol… “Everything that happened was a gift from God, and I didn’t perceive it that way at the time, but when time allowed me to see truth, I realized it was the most beautiful gift,” he continued.

Although he wishes to write a song for Dosamantes, he is currently in therapy in order to heal everything he has experienced, but he assures that this subject will be addressed soon.

Paulina Rubio es tendencia por momento incómodo en la playa


Paulina Rubio defines herself as a rebellious and foolish woman who earned her place in the music industry with each song and record, but not everything has been easy, which is why she would like to make a musical with her entire discography and count his life in a bioseries, including those rivalries he had as a child.

Over her heart, the priority is her children and her profession, although she is open to find a new love “or maybe an old one”.

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  • The vocalist has been performing for over 40 years.
  • He took part in the Mira Quién Baila program.
  • He debuted his new single ‘Me Gusta’ last year.
  • He released his first solo album in 1992.

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