A romantic meal, piano music, and an excellent atmosphere. Here is how Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel spent their first Valentine’s Day in New York, their most romantic and special Valentine’s Day.

The entrepreneur, who has been separated from Enrique Ponce for three years and divorced for nearly two, and ‘El Sun de México’ have known each other their entire lives; they have been extremely good friends since they were children, and then fate, which is fickle, made things his.

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That lovely friendship grew into a really meaningful relationship. Surprises that life throws at you, as if it were the title of one of the musical idol’s songs.

The pair has several plans, one of which was to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day at the Carlyle Hotel’s piano bar, which was Lady Di’s favorite when she visited Manhattan.

Luis Miguel ex Wife

A lengthy ‘tour’

Luis Miguel and Paloma reconnected last summer and have since become inseparable. The interpretation of La incondicional is gearing up for a massive international tour, which will see him return to the stage this year. It will be a large tour, with over 200 concerts, in which he will once again astound the globe with his music and vocals.

As previously stated, Luis Miguel and Paloma have become nearly inseparable since his arrival in Spain. That is why, a few days ago, when the businesswoman and designer needed to fly to New York for Fashion Week, the music star accompanied her.

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They were also having dinner with the designer Carolina Herrera and her daughter Carolina, Paloma’s close friends.

Throughout the couple’s four days in New York, they have not ceased arranging very special arrangements. Paloma’s great friends, designer Carolina Herrera and her daughter Carolina, joined them for dinner one night, and on another, on February 14.

Luis Miguel ya presenta a Paloma Cuevas como "su novia"

they decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by dining at Bemelman’s Bar, the piano-bar at the Carlyle Hotel, a favorite of Lady Di when she visited the city of skyscrapers. Paloma, who is known for her beauty and elegance, and Luis Miguel, who is also quite gorgeous and in good form, tried to remain unnoticed and enjoy their romantic supper alone.

But “El Sun de México” is a lot of “sun,” and a bar patron recognized him and wanted to be photographed with him. Luis Miguel and Paloma have become inseparable since he arrived in Spain last summer, and they have gone out to dinner in Madrid very naturally, sometimes alone, sometimes with other couples.

Paloma Cuevas y Luis Miguel: cuándo harán oficial su amor y los tres lugares 'secretos' donde se ven
With the flag’s discretion

Paloma and Luis Miguel have gone out to eat together fairly naturally since his arrival in Madrid, sometimes alone and sometimes with good friends like the Dukes of Anjou and Ral González and Mamen Sanz.

Paloma has always acted with discretion. She has always sought quiet and kept a low profile, devoted to the care of her parents, Victoriano Valencia and Paloma Daz, and focused on her two kids, Palomita and Bianca. Yet when a celebrity like Luis Miguel enters your life, it’s difficult to stay out of the spotlight.

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The artist, who is at his peak, is gearing up for a triumphant comeback to the stage in 2023 with a massive world tour.

The singer of classics such as La Bikina is at his peak, and Paloma, who is enjoying a very sweet time in her professional career, is also relishing the surprise that life has in store for her after so many years of friendship.

I hope they do well, to paraphrase one of Luis Miguel’s most well-known songs. The entrepreneur and the artist have been lifelong friends, and due to the unexpected events of life, their wonderful friendship has evolved into a very unique connection.

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