Clair Norris, from EastEnders, strips down to her swimsuit while in a hot tub with her friends

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Clair Norris
Clair Norris

Actress Clair Norris, known for her role on EastEnders, got naked to show off her curves for her 123,000 Instagram fans.

The 25-year-old, who debuted in the role of Bernadette Taylor in the BBC soap in 2017, posted a number of photos from her “early birthday celebrations” in December, during which she hung out in a hot tub with her friends.

Eastenders' Bernadette Actress Clair Norris Shows Off New Look

Clair pouted for the camera in the hot tub as neon lights illuminated her ample cleavage, and the girls played Cards Against Humanity in another. They continued with photos of their Mill Lodge Retreat and a video of them having a good time roasting marshmallows.

Clair dated the December photos, “My Early Bday Celebrations.” One enthusiastic supporter remarked, “Aww how wonderful is this.” Beautiful…,” another wrote. To the birthday boy or girl: A third person chimed in, “Oooh this looks great!!!!”

Bbc Eastenders' Bernadette Taylor Star Clair Norris Can'T Stop Laughing In Swimsuit In A Hot Tub As She Celebrates Milestone - Mylondon

The hotel even tweeted back, “Thank you for visiting us @clair norris and we hope you had a nice birthday party while staying with us perhaps we will see you again in the near future.”

Fans of the Walford soap opera were shocked to see Clair’s character, Bernie, exposed for an unsightly habit on Monday’s episode while working her first shift in Kathy Beale’s café.

Residents were still feeling the effects of the night before, when they celebrated Jay and Lola Brown’s emotional wedding day. Bernie was observed delivering Jay his order, and then giving the teabag a “second squeeze” when preparing the beverage for the bride, Lola.

Eastenders' Clair Norris' Life Off Screen Including Handsome Boyfriend And Romantic Holidays - Ok! Magazine

She made a wry remark, “No one uses a fresh bag in every cup, do they?”

And Kathy gasped, “We do if we’re charging for it, Bernie!” as Bernie muttered an apology.

Many of Ben’s followers quickly took to Twitter to express their outrage; one user said, “Ben’s reaction to his double squeezed cup to tea…” This brazenness
A second user chimed in, “Lol Bernie – second squeeze #EastEnders.” ‘Thank heavens I don’t sip tea with Bernie discussing #EastEnders,’ chimed in a third.

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