‘Welcome to Eden’ Netflix’s new and disturbing paradise with Belinda and Ana Mena as protagonists

Welcome To Eden
Welcome to Eden

The actresses along with Amaia Salamanca, Sergio Momo, Lola Rodriguez, Amaia Aberasturi, and Diego Garcia tell us all the details of the series. Starting tomorrow, May 6, on the streaming platform.

“The story engages, the characters are very diverse, the views are impressive, all the landscapes… The journey of the series from the beginning to the end catches you”. This is how Belinda defines Welcome to Eden in an interview with SensaCine, the new Netflix series that arrives tomorrow, May 6. Along with her, part of her co-stars: Amaia Salamanca , Sergio Momo , Lola Rodriguez , Amaia Aberasturi , Ana Mena and Diego Garisa . And it is that if there is something that characterizes what promises to be the next phenomenon of the streaming platform, it is the great choral cast that it has.

Welcome to Eden is a teen thriller where five young people are invited to an exclusive party on a secret island. And as the official synopsis says, “what begins as an exciting journey will soon transform”. Those in charge of managing the island are the Eden Foundation, whose main concern is the environment and taking care of each other. An idyllic paradise where nothing is what it seems.

“The foundation is to enter a new world that is very big. A very utopian civilization. At first, it is a paradise and it has to be sold as such. The environment comes first, everyone takes care of each other and everyone contributes something so that the civilization they are building can continue “, says Lola Rodriguez, who plays Maika.

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Despite being a new and strange world, the viewer will be hooked from the beginning because, as Sergio Momo (Nico in the series) says, “ the island has something very hypnotic, a component that invites you to be on it and wants to be there. with the characters even when not everything is good”. That yes, “at the beginning the spectators are not going to understand anything” says Diego Garcia, who gives life to Ibon. “There are so many characters, we are a very large cast, the site is very strange and there are too many things”, concludes the young actor. To which Ana Mena, in the series as Judith, adds:

It is a lot of information at once, but at the same time, it catches you. Although it is strange, it does not mean that you are not still curious to find out what is happening DIFFERENT TO OTHER TEENAGE SERIES?“ Welcome to Eden moves away from any youth series out there, not just Elite”. This is how forceful Belinda, Africa in fiction, is shown before the comparisons of the two Netflix series. The truth is that the Mexican actress and singer is right. Eden has components that are far from other fictions of its kind.

For Amaia Aberasturi, who gives life to Zoa, “I think that a very important component of this series is shooting outdoors. There is a lot of space, a lot of exteriors, a lot of spectacular landscape… ”. In addition, the young promise highlights that “the island is one more character”. Something true, since she plays a very important role in the plot.

Another difference is that, in the series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez, the protagonists are of legal age. “ Eden asks that the characters be responsible, be adults, be consistent with their behavior… Not everyone, because they don’t teach us, is prepared to manage all that. What is it to be an adult? What is it to be independent? You are happy? That’s where it comes from,” says Momo.

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