This Netflix series aspires to be the next Game of Thrones and is ideal for a weekend binge

Netflix series
Netflix series

Game of Thrones” is one of those shows that shows how deeply a product can penetrate a generation. There have been several programs similar to Game of Thrones since its debut, but none have managed to match its extraordinary level of production.

Today’s topic is one that aspires to this level of accomplishment, or at the very least offers something ambitious, unusual, and innovative. We’re talking about “Shadow and Bone,” a Netflix original series dedicated to elevating “dark fantasy” on the small screen.

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Shadow and Bone is a series with a lot to offer

“Shadow and Bone” is a Netflix fantasy series that bills itself as one of the greatest. Although the Netflix repertoire does not exactly stand out for its commitment to dark fantasy, with “The Wheel of Time,” they catch up with HBO or Amazon Prime Video. In any case, it’s a pretty interesting bet that portrays a very unique environment.

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A weird dark wall divides the planet in this series. Many dare to cross them so that trade between the many countries of the world can continue. But, within it reside exceedingly hazardous beasts that make it so that some of these caravans never reach their goal.

The protagonist is Alina Starkov, a young lady who realizes she possesses a mystical talent that can change everything in a world destroyed by war and geopolitics.

Sadly for her, she will have to fight not only with supernatural foes, but also with humans who have their own goals for her and the planet.

There are now two seasons. The second just came out this week, and the reviews are still quite positive.

It’s difficult to predict whether the series will live up to “Game of Thrones.” What is certain is that there are several parallels between the two universes.

Some are clear and part of the standard dark fantasy clichés, but others are more subtle and demonstrate that he is greatly influenced by Martin’s writing.

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The parallels are striking:

  • We live in a wonderful world filled with political intrigue.
  • A magical barrier separates two completely distinct states. This definitely resembles the Wall that the “Night’s Watch” patrols.
  • The protagonists are in grave danger, and more than one who appears untouchable could perish at any time.
  • There is a menace beyond the humans themselves, yet they overlook it for their own interests in court .
  • The interactions between the characters are crucial.


Thus far, both critics and the general audience have praised the series. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has 88% good reviewer scores and 87% positive audience ratings. Now, this Netflix production is a long way from being a series as influential in mainstream culture as the series inspired by George RR Martin’s writings. Regardless, it’s worth a go because it’s highly engaging and depicts an absolutely unique world.

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