Mystery A La Vista shares a fun scene before its premiere on Netflix

Mystery A La Vista
Mystery A La Vista

Adam Sandler’s new movie on Netflix, ‘Mystery In Sight’, has shared a great preview, which confirms the enormous dose of fun it will have

Adam Sandler is very close to returning to Netflix with a new comedy, of course we are referring to ‘ Mystery A La Vista ‘, a production in which the actor will once again share the limelight with actress Jennifer Aniston, a film that has surprised many all by sharing a complete scene when it is a few days away from its premiere.


Mystery A La Vista' shares a funny scene ahead of its Netflix premiere -  The Fashion Vibes


Misterio A La Vista ‘ is a sequel to the production of the 2019 film ‘ Misterio A La Vista ‘, a title that, as its preview shared on Netflix’s social networks makes clear, will have a huge dose of fun, a production that aims to be successful, since it is currently the most expected in this streaming service.

The aforementioned preview shows a complete scene from this Netflix comedy , where we can see Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler , playing the boring couple we met in 2019 in ‘Mystery on Board’, a couple who returns to solve a mysterious crime again , for which, they can be accused, again.


Murder Mystery 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube


This video shows Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston  talking on the phone with a kidnapper, because their old friend, the Maharajah, has been kidnapped just as he was about to get married, a scene that shows all the classic Adam Sandler style, a crazy and very funny humor for millions of subscribers of the streaming giant.


Murder Mystery 2: Everything to Know


It should be noted that in the scene shared by ‘ Misterio A La Vista ‘, we can see the cast that will present this production on Netflix , because, in addition to Sandler and Aniston, this comedy has outstanding performances by Mélanie Laurent, Adeel Akhtar , Mark Strong, Dany Boon, Kuhoo Verma and Enrique Arce.


When does ‘Mystery A La Vista’ premiere?

Best of all, as we pointed out, the comedy ” Misterio A La Vista ” will not make the millions of Netflix subscribers wait for a long time for its premiere, because this streaming platform has revealed that this title will be released within from the platform’s catalog next Friday, March 31.


Murder Mystery 2 is not coming to Netflix in May 2022


It should be noted that ‘Mystery A La Sight’ is not the only film that Adam Sandler is preparing for Netflix , because the actor will return with a new comedy and a drama, it is even said that the artist could plan to make even more productions for this streaming service, so we will continue to see the actor for a long time on this platform.

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