Money Heist Finale Part 1 is here; Here what to expect from the season at full throttle

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Money Heist Finale Volume 1 is here and the world couldn’t be more excited about the edge-of-your-seat spins, biting spins, and it’s hard to get online without falling for spoilers. Even as the dreaded pandemic left the world divided, time seems to have slowed down in La Casa de Papel, where Dalí’s Army is ready to avenge the murder of his comrade Nairobi and play the endgame.

As much as the trailer reveals, you better be prepared for the ride at full speed. The gang in red jumps straight into action and doesn’t drop it.

The final season left us with Inspector Alicia Sierra finally getting her hands on the Professor and the trailer reveals that he is tied up at gunpoint. Lisbon met up with the gang as they sing in honor of their fallen comrade ‘Nairobi’. The end of the greatest fictional heist in history is here.

Before getting into the hot seat, this is what all fans will expect from the show.

1. What will Alice do with The Professor?

Aside from the fundamental question of how a gang of most wanted criminals will emerge from the bank surrounded by military force and police with 90 tons of gold, one thing all fans want to know is the fate of the professor, whose whereabouts are there with him. former investigative officer Sierra. The professor is now in chains and the trailer reveals it, but will it succeed in torturing him enough to spill his secrets and make him abandon his plans?

But, one thing we know for sure is that there is always a backup plan up your sleeve.

2. What’s wrong with Arturo?

One of the most hated characters, Arturito, has been a nuisance to viewers for his malicious and cowardly actions since season 1. He lies, he cheats on his wife, he can push anyone to the limit for his selfish motives and in the last season it turned out be being an abuser too. And Twitter now thinks that it is high that it should pay for its works.

It will be interesting to see what havoc he wreaks again, if he succeeds in planting devious motifs in the minds of his fellow hostages and what Red’s army does to him.

3. Will women take over the staff?

Season 4 of Money Heist ended with Lisbon managing to enter the Bank of Spain where the current robbery is taking place. As the team appears to be falling apart, Lisbon is expected to lead the heist within the bank and play a major role in bringing the team together emotionally and mentally.

According to showrunner and director Alex Pina, women are going to play a huge role in advancing the story and we hope to get what we hope for.

4. Where is Paula, Raquel’s daughter?

Sierra was using Raquel’s family to blackmail her in the fourth season of Money Heist. It will be interesting to see how they will be traced or if they have a significant role to play in helping investigators stop the robbery.

5. Who are the new faces of this season and what role do they play?

Netflix tweeted about two new characters in season 5 of Money Heist. One is René, played by Miguel Angel Silvestre, and the other is Berlin’s son Rafael, played by Patrick Criado.

Actor José Manuel Seda, joined the cast last season. Patrick is seen in flashbacks with Berlin and Tatiana and Marseille. Miguel plays the love of life from Tokyo and viewers first saw him at the beginning of the series.

6. Will justice be served in Nairobi?

The most shocking moment of ‘Money Heist Season 4’ was the sudden death of Nairobi, the only rational and entrenched force in the gang filled with hotheads, emotional laden and big egos.

Nairobi planned to have a second child and start a new life after the heist until Gandía, the former black ops soldier turned security chief who is currently held captive by the gang, pulled the trigger on her.

With Gandía at his mercy now, killing him would mean justice for Nairobi, but will they break his code of ethics and the professor’s rules?

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 airs on Netflix in multiple languages.

What do you think?

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