In just three weeks, HoYeon Jung from the Netflix series “Squid game” has amassed a whopping 15 million Instagram fans!

When the 27-year-old actress became the face of Louis Vuitton and appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show, she astonished herself by speaking in English, she rapidly became a celebrity.

Squid Game

The Netflix series “Squid game” (“The squid game”) has become the company’s latest international hit, as well as the most surprising. The plot revolves around some pretty macabre games in which the participants are keen to gain money from at any costs for various reasons without getting into too much detail to avoid unpleasant spoilers, if there is still someone who has not watched it, suffice it to say.

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The series’ popularity has made its performers well-known well beyond South Korea’s borders, and one of the cast members, HoYeon Jung, has seen his social media popularity soar since the show’s debut in late January. According to Forbes, the 27-year-old actress has 15 million Instagram followers, making her the most followed South Korean star on the platform.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

When you look at her writings, it’s hard to tell that “number 67” – the figure that made her famous – is the same person. During her appearances on Jimmy Fallon or as a new face for Louis Vuitton, she creates a dazzling image in her images that contrasts sharply with the untidy appearance she maintains as the fictional teenage North Korean defector.


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