Ana Bárbara discusses her years-long secret to having a flat stomach

Ana Barbara
Ana Barbara

Not only is the celebrity one of the most prominent in the Mexican regional world, but she is also an inspiration for others who desire to keep an exercise regimen.

Ana Bárbara - Heraldo USA

Ana Bárbara revealed something that thousands of people had been wondering about for years. The interpreter of “Lo busqué,” “Bandido,” “Loca,” and “Como me haces falta” was open with her social media followers and revealed her best kept secret, which relates to how you care for and strengthen your abdomen.

“I’m still so excited about last #Saturday my #bandits that I can’t get enough of thanking you for that great evening, you don’t know what it meant to me and more as the week began towards #Women’s Day, presenting myself for the second time at the @auditoriomx”, he wrote in gratitude for the support of his followers.

It should be noted that before entering music, the native of Ro Verde, San Luis Potos participated in various beauty pageants where she learned how to take care of her body and improve her muscles, later posing on catwalks where she was admired by millions.

“When they ask me how to achieve an abdomen, let’s say so that the dresses look the way we like them, this is one of the exercises for the iron abdomen, not iron, iron, but a nice abdomen, this is how it is achieved ”, he says while doing a plank for several seconds.

She is now putting what she has learned into practice and sharing it with those who are aware of her life and professional career, so through various films she provided a demonstration of what must be done to achieve what she also requires. highlight that the renowned maintains a healthy diet.

“Hello my bandits, remember that no matter how busy or busy we are, we must always take care of our bodies. Check out my stories, I left you what I do to have an iron abdomen. #Health is the greatest wealth and no matter where you are always give yourself time,” she wrote alongside the video.

Already in his Instagram stories, the superstar, who is not only one of the most prominent celebrities in the Mexican regional world, but also an inspiration for others who want to start an exercise program, demonstrated how he performs the motions that assist him so much to keep in shape.

Ana Bárbara prevailed on the stage of the National Auditorium during the first days of March, and she is now promoting the song “La jugada,” a duet with the late singer Vicente Fernández, which is available through the artist’s social networks and music outlets.

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