Black Mirror series would have a sixth season on Netflix very soon

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Black Mirror will have a sixth season on Netflix. According to Variety, a new season of the favorite dystopia of many is coming to the streaming video platform. A person close to the production confirmed that they are already looking for actors to make up the cast. Although details are scarce, it is said that the new chapters will maintain the concept that has defined the series for 10 years.

According to the source, the sixth season of Black Mirror will have more episodes than its predecessor. If we remember, the series went from six to three chapters in 2019, so it is possible that Netflix will return to the previous format. The interesting thing is that these will be longer and will have a more cinematographic approach as if they were individual films.

The leak doesn’t sound far-fetched when you consider that some Black Mirror episodes are 60-70 minutes long, even the Season 3 finale clocks in at 90 minutes. For now, the participation of its creators, Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, has not been confirmed, although it is very possible that they are involved.

Netflix signed an exclusive with Brooker and Jones in 2020 after they resigned from Endemol Shine and created their production company Broke And Bones. The video platform struck a multi-year deal with the two to create original content without worrying about production costs. At the end of the deal, Broke and Bones and all projects will be owned by Netflix.

With Black Mirror things are different since the rights to the series belong to Banijay after buying Endemol Shine. Despite rumors that Netflix would open the wallet, the company decided to keep the license agreement with Banijay Rights. In an interview with Variety, Cathy Payne — CEO of Banijay — said in 2020 that she would evaluate options to work with Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones for a sixth season, although she did not confirm that this would take place.

Will we have “stomach” for the sixth season of Black Mirror?

After a disappointing fifth season, Black Mirror will try to make up lost ground. In our review, we conclude that the three stories move away from the sharp plots to which their creators accustomed us. The truth is that the world is at a very different point from where we lived three years ago. After prolonged confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the planet is now facing the effects of the war being waged in Ukraine.

In an interview in mid-2020, Charlie Brooker said he didn’t know if the world had the stomach for stories about falling apart societies. The series creator confirmed at the time that he would not be working on Black Mirror episodes and later that year he released Death to 2020, a mockumentary that attempted to parody world events like the pandemic and the US election.

Brooker and Jones’ first job under the Netflix arm is Cat Burglar, an interactive animated film similar to the Bandersnatch concept that is directed by James Bowman.

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