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Netflix cancels “Cowboy Bebop” after first season

“Cowboy Bebop” marked a whole generation in its anime version and has millions of fans around the world; however, after one season, the live-action version was canceled.

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Netflix cancels "Cowboy Bebop" after a first season | Instagram: @bebopnetflix

“Cowboy Bebop” marked a whole generation for its anime version; and, to this day, it has millions of fans around the world, for this reason, Netflix wanted to reinvent history and create a live-action; but, unfortunately, it was canceled after its first season.

Netflix decided to cancel “Cowboy Bebop” when not even a month passed since the premiere of its first season; its cancellation was sudden, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

The platform made a great promotional effort to make this adaptation live-action since the anime is acclaimed by audiences; but the public did not react as expected, as Netflix made public that it would cancel the series.


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The truth: neither the critics nor the public reacted positively to “Cowboy Bebop”, added to the fact that only 21 million hours played during its first week was what the series collected. A figure that, for studies, is insufficient.

In the following week, the series collected 36 million views, in this way, it was demonstrated: its future was marked because, in total, it added less than what the third season of “You” achieved.

The “Cowboy Bebop ” adaptation was reportedly on a budget similar to “Altered Carbon, ” which in 2018 touched the record for the most expensive series in history. And, according to estimates, each chapter of the new Netflix series had a pocket of about 7 million euros.


The series turned out to be, according to Marca, a resounding failure for the streaming platform, as their reactions were also divided. Some applauded the effort, others, for the most part, pointed out that the series was a complete narrative disaster.


This series, inspired by the anime, is about three bounty hunters from the future, who are dedicated to catching criminals while facing characters from their past.


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The live-action “Cowboy Bebop” series stars John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda.

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