Natalie Portman: These are some of her successes as a psychologist and scientist

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natalie portman photoshoot american actress gray dress make up.jpg 838434910

Natalie Portman is the co-author of two research papers published in scientific journals. Her degree in psychology was obtained in 2003, emanating from Harvard University. The Oscar winner for best actress has a life of great purpose for humanity.

When we think of Natalie Portman we associate her name with elegance, beauty, talent and Hollywood. The actress is a multifaceted woman who in every aspect of her life has shown her professionalism and well-rewarded effort. One of them is her scientific career as a psychologist.

Natalie Portman: These Are Some Of Her Successes As A Psychologist And Scientist
Natalie Portman Won The Oscar For Best Actress For Black Swan

In 1999 Natalie walked through the doors of America’s oldest educational institution, Harvard University . Although at first the actress came to consider that she “was not smart enough” to be in the place, she formed a successful career there, she graduated in psychology in 2004.

From her childhood she showed interest in learning other languages and has studied French, Japanese, German, Hebrew and Arabic. Portman has published two scientific papers: the first is titled Simple Method for Demonstrating Enzymatic Hydrogen Production from Sugar ; and the second is called Activation of the frontal lobe during object permanence: data from infrared spectroscopy .

Natalie Portman: These Are Some Of Her Successes As A Psychologist And Scientist
Natalie Portman Speaking To Her Future Colleagues At Harvard.

Nathalie Portman returned to Harvard to deliver a speech to graduates of her first house of study. It was not easy at all, said the also film director: “Today I feel like when I first arrived at Harvard University. When I entered I thought that she had made a mistake ”indicated the actress.

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