Natalie Portman is an astronaut in the enigmatic trailer of ‘Lucy in the Sky’

The movie will be based on the life of astronaut Lisa Nowak , who was arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.

Natalie Portman Is An Astronaut In The Enigmatic Trailer Of Lucy In The Sky
Natalie Portman is an astronaut in the enigmatic trailer of Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky ‘, the next film starring Oscar winner Natalie Portman; launched its first trailer on YouTube.

In the film, Portman plays astronaut Lisa Nowak, arrested twelve years ago for kidnapping and attempting to assassinate Collen Shipman.

In the images, we can see how Lucy is not the same after she returns to Earth from a space mission since the place where she lives is different for her.

The trailer that premiered on YouTube has thousands of visits. The followers of the actress believe that it will be a success of critics and box office.

The official synopsis of ‘Lucy in the Sky.’
“The film will tell the story of Lucy Cola, a NASA astronaut who returns to Earth after a momentous experience during a space mission and begins to lose touch with reality in a world that now seems too small.”

The film will be directed by Noah Hawley, who was in charge of some episodes of the series Fargo and Legion and will make his debut on the big screen.

The cast is made up of Natalie Portman, Dan Stevensm Colman Sundays, Jeremiah Birkett, Ellen Burstyn, Zazie Beetz, and John Hamm.

Although ‘ Lucy in the Sky ‘ has no release date, it is planned to be screened sometime in 2019.

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