Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, cancel wedding?; They take time and she deletes everything from networks


It has been an avalanche of emotions, news and flashy displays of love and out of the ordinary that the American actress Megan Fox and the singer Machine Gun Kelly have provided throughout their relationship .

Since 2020 they began to attract attention on all the red carpets they went to with their fierce style and uninhibited displays of affection, but the famous couple seems to be that they could not make it to the altar .

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are 'On a Break' Now and Have 'Pretty Volatile' Relationship

After announcing their engagement in 2022 and sealing it with a very peculiar ring inspired by the Euphoria series  and designed to harm her if she takes it off, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly apparently would not have been able to overcome the crisis they have been experiencing since the end of 2022, which is when rumors began to emerge about an alleged betrayal by the singer towards the statuesque artist.

Megan Fox l

The model and actress of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the singer were in therapy and even she came out to deny a betrayal, however a source informed the American news outlet US Weekly that apparently this couples therapy has not had the expected results , and even the informant argues that those involved have decided to go their separate ways , during a so-called trial period, that is, they would be taking time .

However, it is not the only statement that makes noise about the possible suspension of the gothic wedding that they were planning. And it is that the source added that the organization of the event has even stopped.

“They have stalled the wedding planning to work on their problems. Their relationship is quite volatile right now. They are currently offline, but the text is still being sent,” the source quoted US Weekly as saying.”

Officially none of those involved in this relationship has issued an official statement ending their relationship and commitment, although for months there have been many speculations and versions of informants to the media about an alleged betrayal on the part of the singer.

Another element that stands out is that the famous has deleted all her posts on Instagram , unlike her apparently still fiancé who, although she is not very active on the wall of said social network (since January 27), does keep her posts.

Megan Fox 1

Megan’s wall appears blank throughout and it is unknown if she hid her posts or if she permanently deleted them.

What can be seen is that the 32-year-old rocker keeps the snapshots that he published in the past with his beloved, so it could be believed that he still has hope that things will work out.

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