Maya Nazor and Mona are the SENSATION with their TIGHT pants

Maya Nazor
Maya Nazor

Maya Nazor and Mona were the sensation in Guadalajara, since the two influencers posed for a clothing store, which is why they appeared together in the collaboration where they were seen in tight pants as well as identical tops.

And it is that the only thing that changed in the wardrobe of Mona and Maya Nazor was without a doubt the color, but their curves were the protagonists of this, since they looked too spectacular, making it clear that they did not need to touch up their figures of impact with which they were filled with likes.



For those who don’t know, the two Mexican influencers have stood out for various reasons, since Mona is very popular for her live shows on social networks, while the blonde’s too daring TikToks have caused everyone to look at them and becoming more and more viral.

It must be remembered that some time ago it began to be said that Mona was supposedly the new conquest of the Santa Fe Klan, even that she was the third in disagreement regarding the separation of the singer with Maya Nazor, but the first came out in a live where she denied said information.

Maya Nazor

It is worth mentioning that Mona, for her part, continues to maintain a relationship with Geros, who has been told on several occasions that she should no longer be with him, because the haters have accused him of being maintained and who is the youtuber who takes the job for both of them .

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