Marlene Favela and Mariana Botas show off prominent curves in a sophisticated swimsuit

Marlene Favela
Marlene Favela

The famous actresses Marlene Favela and Mariana Botas showed off their prominent curves with a sophisticated swimsuit just the same, each in their own style

With an identical swimsuit, the famous actresses  Marlene Favela and Mariana Botas showed off their prominent curves and although each one does it in their own way, the truth is that both celebrities left their followers with a square eye, thanks to the style with which they each one wore it from the beach or the pool.
Marlene Favela y Mariana Botas lucen sus prominentes curvas

The sophisticated swimsuit in pastel colors with which they showed off their prominent curves are part of the wardrobe of this famous pair and both Marlene Favela and Mariana Botas took advantage of the fame that each one has on social networks to show off their very particular style of wearing the garment.

The garment is designed by a Mexican firm and the first to show off her sheathed curves was Mariana Botas, actress of the Televisa series “Una Familia de Diez”, in which she plays Martina López, the strawberry daughter of Plácido López ( Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo), for which “the shorty” received thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments.


Mariana Botas impacta a sus seguidores al posar con distinguido conjunto  rosa | Puro Show


The same garment, different styles

It was in June 2022 when Mariana took a photo in front of the sea and with the hotels in the background as a witness to her beauty. “Until the next beautiful port,” wrote the actress when she said goodbye to Acapulco, Mexico, the port that the host of her YouTube program “Envinada” loves to visit the most.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

And after the row of red hearts left by the actress Yuliana Peniche, other compliments can be read: “Where do you buy your swimsuits that are the most beautiful”, “Wooooow your swimsuit is beautiful and it looks spectacular on you ” or “What a father color bathing suit, Marianita looks very good.”


Marlene Favela no se cierra al amor y dice cómo le gusta ser conquistada


With own style

However, the actress from Durango, Marlene Favela , also used the same bathing suit and at 45 years old, gave a class of style to Mariana Botas and her followers who add up to 5.9 million, who have not stopped leaving her the best comments after her recent postcard in which the garment looks with its own style.

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“In the sea life is more… @prettylittlethingsny #cap”, wrote the villain of “El Amor Invencible” (2023) by TelevisaUnivisión , at the bottom of a recent publication on her Instagram account, so since last Wednesday, It has received more than 41,400 red hearts and at least 310 messages, including compliments such as:


Marlene Favela recuerda el nacimiento de su hija con tierna imagen


“In the sea life is more ‘tasty’ just like the one in the photo”, “How beautiful my spine”, “Greetings from Cuba”, “Exactly the same, it is clear that yes, you beautiful as always and super mega gorgeous”, “Beautiful and very beautiful”, are other of the compliments that Marlene Favela has taken after posing glamorously with that pastel colored swimsuit.

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