Makeup artist who worked with Belinda exposes what the singer is really like in person

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Much has been saying recently about Belinda, all because of her breakup with Christian Nodal on February 12 after almost two years of relationship and almost one since they announced their engagement, who seemed to be the couple of the moment who found love in the corridors of “La Voz México” have now decided to go their separate ways, in a process that both have made it clear that it is painful and for which they have asked for respect.

Likewise, there are theories about who could have been responsible for ending the relationship, on the one hand, Nodal is attributed alleged infidelities or being fed up with her partner, while the actress is attributed more issues such as an alleged debt with the SAT, infidelities, that his partner did not want to pay his debt, however, nothing has been confirmed and in the assumptions, the most affected have been the interpreter of “Luz singravida”.

What is Belinda like in person?

On TikTok, the user gabophotobox shared her experience as a make-up artist on a catwalk for a brand where the actress worked in 2019. The user explained that although she has always liked the music and style of the interpreter of “Love at first view”, I had had her in a concept of a person for sure.

“As if I had always had a perception of her as being very safe, like a good dog, like what she projects, it turns out that it is not like that and it surprised me”

She explained that upon arrival he was informed that there was already a design, but that it was not authorized by the singer. Moments later, “Beli’s” mother arrived to supervise everything and approve the outfits and makeup. The mother of the actress came to make changes and rejected some previously assembled designs, arguing that she would not like her daughter, including the makeup that the user did, and had them make up again.

But something that caught the attention of the makeup artist was that Belinda felt nervous and insecure, so she went to her mother and Eddy Smol “the fashion guru”, who accompanied the singer at the event, for advice. what to say and how to act.

“I was surprised and I was surprised for the better to see that she is a very simple girl and well – well, mom, you know more – (…) yes, it shocked me as if she needed that support, as painful “

The above supports what the singer said a few days ago through her social networks, that she considers herself an introverted person, so she always tries to take care of her heart. She also in various interviews, she has expressed similar ideas such as that she considers herself someone reserved and serious.

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