Maite Perroni debuts in the cinemas of Mexico in A rescue of little eggs

Maite Perroni instagram image
Maite Perroni instagram image

After so much work in her career, Maite Perroni is back on the movie screen, but this time, just with her voice. The Mexican is responsible for dubbing Di, in the new film “Un Rescate De Huevitos”, which premiered this Thursday (12), in movie theaters in Mexico.

In the production, first-time dads, Di and Toto ( Bruno Bichir ), live a new life in the barn with their children. Babys Uly and Max are a bit peculiar for being golden, which makes them look like little “golden eggs”. The family lived well on the famous Pollón Farms, until the couple started to face a great challenge, soon after their eggs were captured by a cook who took them to Africa for a gastronomic event. The feature film comes with the aim of showing the importance of family value.

Directed by  Gabriel and Rodolfo Riva Palacio , the film also has the participation of Germán and Freddy Ortega ( Los Mascabrothers ), Angélica ValeAriel Miramontes , Claudio Herrera , Carlos Espejel and Jesús Ochoa.

“It fills me with pride to see how productions of this level are made in Mexico, so much time, so much talent wrapped up in a story to entertain the family; you can’t miss it! There is adventure, there is love, there are many things that will have a lot of fun”, said Maite.

Check out the trailer for A rescue of little eggs


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