Madonna’s 16-year-old son came to boxing in a women’s dress

Scandals from the singer Madonna no longer surprise anyone. Now in the footsteps of his mother went the adopted son of the singer and British director Guy Ritchie David Banda.

Madonna David Banda
madonna david banda

Alongside his mother, the adopted son of American pop diva Madonna was seen attending a boxing event in the city of New York while costumed as a woman. The event was held at the Barclays Center. The action took place in the metropolis that is New York City.
David Banda, who is just 16 years old, was seen sporting an extended look that was part of the recently introduced Adidas x Gucci collection. The outfit was colored in red and white. The media has reported that the picture of Madonna as she appeared thirty years ago served as inspiration for the dress designer. This assertion is consistent with what was previously revealed. The photographer who shot the present image was also responsible for taking the one you see here. The imaginative individual arrived at the battle while dressed in a pair of spectacles with pink frames and a black tracksuit with chains draped over her neck.

Only two of Madonna’s children—Lourdes and Rocco—are the result of their mother’s biological reproduction. The remaining members of her family, Mercy James, Stella, Esther, and David, are all adopted.

Madonna'S 16-Year-Old Son Came To Boxing In A Women'S Dress

The main event of the evening took place on May 28 in Brooklyn. It included about two boxers from the same nation, Gervonta Davis of the United States and Rolando Romero, also an American. Davis was victorious in the fight and was able to defend his championship as the WBA Regular lightweight champion with flying colors.

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