Madonna worries her fans with a mysterious TikTok video that she later deleted

The singer appeared in the video showing a very different face than her fans are used to

large Madonna worries her fans with a mysterious TikTok video
large Madonna worries her fans with a mysterious TikTok video

Madonna has once again made waves in recent hours due to a mysterious TikTok video that she later made disappear. She posted it shortly before the Grammys and her fans were shocked at what they saw. At 63 years old, the singer has changed her facial features quite a bit and her image led to comments of all kinds. Did she use a filter or is it real?


Madonna continues to wear a very modern look. Blonde braids, chains around the neck, transparent blouse, and the most striking thing… big lips made up.

In the video, she does not speak, but her song ‘Frozen ‘ can be heard in the background. There are 13 seconds in which she simply gets very close to the camera and in a close-up she blows a kiss, showing them. Her followers did not quite understand the message she intended to send. Some even commented that it was ” disturbing “.

Confused Madonna fans couldn’t help but comment on this strange TikTok and many have wondered why the Queen of Pop would post such a video. Everyone was shocked.

“This honestly freaked me out, not gonna lie,” another fan wrote. ” I’m just going to remember how fabulous she was in the ’90s. She was an icon.”

The 63-year-old singer has recently been sharing NSFW photos -Not safe/suitable for work-, which literally means that “it is not safe/appropriate for work” through social networks. Many of her followers have also speculated about the abuse of filters and Photoshop in her snapshots.

The memes jumped

Madonna’s video soon went viral on social media, despite the singer’s removal from Tik Tok. Some fans managed to save the video to their YouTube stories, but most have been removed.

On Twitter, memes about the face of the queen of pop accumulate:

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