Lis Vega amazes her fans with her best dance moves

Lis Vega amazes
Lis Vega amazes

That has the finest flavor! Lis Vega, a gifted actress and singer, dazzled her admirers with her greatest dance moves to the beat of her new song, which she co-wrote with her husband, Cuban artist Naldo.

The famous vedette of Cuban heritage left her almost two million followers with their mouths open as she was photographed enjoying the music while dressed in a tight orange sports uniform and the largest smile.

Lis Vega da clases de estilo en entallado vestido rojo perfecto para la playa | El Heraldo de México

Furthermore, Lis Vega extended an invitation at the end of the video, encouraging her followers to imitate the trend of dancing to her favorite section of ‘B*rracho,’ the name of her most recent album.

Some of his fans have expressed their admiration. You can read this: “”Love, that color looks exquisite on you,” “This hue looks so beautiful on you,” and “How lovely you are!” Radiant! “Such a wonderful balias, beautiful lis,” “What a taste mum, I adore when you dance, you are extraordinary gorgeous,” “.

Lis Vega foto en la playa diciembre 2022

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