Lis Vega plants a tremendous kiss on Latin Lover without caring that he is MARRIED

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Lis Vega In A Body Suit Makes It Clear That She Has The Best Silhouette In Show Business Instagram
Lis Vega in a body suit makes it clear that she has the best silhouette in show business Instagram

In the most recent broadcast of the morning program Hoy, there was a controversial moment that has not stopped giving what to talk about, because, completely live, the Cuban dancer Lis Vega planted a tremendous kiss on the lips of the Mexican judge Latin Lover.

During the most recent episode of Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy, a section of the program that has generated so much success and ratings, Lis went on stage to demonstrate her talent for dancing with Raúl Magaña, a moment in which she caused a sensation among the public and the present, without imagining what was coming.

About to finish her dance presentation, Lis Vega surprised everyone by planting a tremendous kiss on Latin Lover’s lips completely live, leaving him shocked and speechless, because he did not imagine that would happen.

The entire recording set was speechless when they saw Lis Vega’s action and it is that many, immediately, remembered that Latin Lover is a married man and the Cuban did not care in the least.’

Latin Lover was left speechless in his seat, when questioned by Galilea Montijo, the host of the talent section, he only wondered if they were seeing him in Monterrey, where his wife lives.

And it all seems that the former wrestler liked the kiss that the singer and actress also gave him, because, when giving his rating, developing his role as a judge of the program, he expressed: “Very good kisses”, to correct himself later and explain I meant steps.

So far, neither of the two artists involved has commented on the matter. Likewise, it is unknown what the reaction of Latin Lover’s wife will be, although it is expected that during the next broadcast of the program they will talk about it.

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