Andrea Legarreta shares her thoughts on International Women’s Day

Andrea Legarretaaa
Andrea Legarretaaa

Andrea Legarreta shares her thoughts on Women’s Day and important words. The woman is commemorated on Wednesday, March 8, so the artists decided that it would not go unnoticed, so the host Andrea Legarreta was sharing some visual aids about the message she wanted to convey to her followers, and nice words were shared.

The television personality shared a post with the hashtag “8M.” It was the only thing he said, because his thoughts were already clear in the image, because many people think of “congratulating” women, but it is really about giving visibility to this beautiful movement that has achieved women’s freedom.

Andrea Legarreta appears with a transparent dress that reveals panties and a  bra in hot curves (PHOTO)

“Today, I don’t wish you a “happy day,” I wish you a life where you can be treated with respect, where you feel safe and protected every time you go out, where your party nights end with special memories, where you have fulfilled dreams, healthy and real love, and where you find people who add to you rather than take away from you. I wish you a day filled with learning and self-love “.

Andrea Legarreta believes that you should not wish for a happy day, but rather that a calm life is preferable, where the woman does not feel insecure and everything is fair, both before justice and in general.

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