Kim Kardashian’s daughter North Kardashian unleashes her inner Barbie in new photos

kim kardashian 13
kim kardashian 13

Kim created some huge fashion aspirations while donning a bubblegum pink ensemble!

Kim Kardashian has been outspoken about her Instagram “aesthetic” and how important it is to her, even admitting that she even edited and switched the faces of her nieces Stormi and True so that the grid would appear nice overall.

Pink, along with grey, blue, and black, stand out among the myriad colours on her Instagram grid and sometimes appear in her images, as can be seen, if you pay great attention to it.

It seems that North, her daughter, is aware of this since she graciously let her mother take a brief snapshot of her in bed, in which the creator of SKIMS looked to be channelling her inner Barbie.

The 41-year-old posed for a recent set of photos, and her first-born child, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kanye West, expertly caught her – on the bed and even standing up.

Kim achieved significant fashion goals by donning a bubblegum pink ensemble for the pictures. In a stretchy high-waisted nylon pant set and a Balenciaga sweatshirt top, she slept on a matching satin blanket while wearing stiletto boots.

Next to her was a little pink clutch with the letter “B” on the clasp. She noted in the captions, “Pics by North.”

In other pictures, she stood up and looked directly at the eight-year-old photographer while holding her hands to her waist. She displayed her blonde hair that had been coloured, and we loved how she sported a pair of silver sunglasses inside.

She also showed off her painted pink nails, so it seems she took the Barbie motif seriously.

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