Kendall Jenner goes blonde; she poses without clothes and with a tiny monokini

Kendall Jenner 0
Kendall Jenner 0

Kendall Jenner is one of the most successful models in the fashion industry after her collaborations with prestigious brands and photo sessions in important magazines such as Vogue.

Every time something is uploaded to social networks, it causes a sensation and this time it was no exception. Kim Kardashian‘s sister shared a photo in which she can be seen completely naked. 

On Instagram, where she is usually very active, she shared a black and white photoshoot. In the first image, she appears in a bikini with which she shows off her slender figure.

She wore a black hat and held a drink from the In-N-Out burger restaurant in his hand. The session was led by the famous photographer Luis Alberto Rodríguez.

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Kendall Jenner also posed naked for the first time while lying on her side. She posted the photograph inside this gallery on Instagram:

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Other looks included a black miniskirt with exposed lingerie, a sheer top , and a bikini that she paired with snake-print boots.

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Despite the euphoria over the photos, Kendall Jenner revealed to the magazine that she still suffers from anxiety and that part of her therapy is journaling.

“I know journaling is kind of old fashioned. It has a padlock and I hide it, I lock it up: it’s so, so secret. I always think, ‘Nobody can get this.’ It is important to have a space that is just for you where you can let out your happiness, ”she added.

In her diary, Kendall Jenner writes about things that cause her anger, frustration, stress, but also about things that make her happy or just ideas.

“Our minds are extremely powerful. I had a panic attack two nights ago and I was like, ‘Oh, but you know what? I’m going to take this diary and try to forget.”

To lessen her seizures, she rides horses, walks her dog, and goes to pilates with her friend Hailey Bieber . “I think I feel great mentally when I feel great physically,” she added, adding that she practices meditation.

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Kendall Jenner has constantly traveled toMexicoto supervise its production in the state of Jalisco. Although she has been accused of cultural appropriation for braiding her hair, wearing Mexican clothing andmaking tequilaher own, she maintains that her drink is the result of hard and constant work.

“For almost 4 years I have been on a journey to create the best tasting tequila. After dozens of blind tastings, trips to our distillery, entering global tasting contests anonymously, and WINNING, I think we’ve nailed it

She wants to show that she is as capable as her sisters of generating new ventures. Social networks are the window through which it makes it possible.

Thanks to her line of clothing, social media, and runway shows with the world’s most luxurious brands , Kendall Jenner is crowned the highest-paid model in the world with earnings exceeding $22.5 million annually, according to Forbes.

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