Kendall Jenner poses without a bra and with a thong that barely covers the most intimate

Kendall Jenner paralyzed hearts and garnered attention on Instagram by promoting her 818 tequila through a photo showing her shapely curves topless

Kendall Jenner.
Kendall Jenner.

At just 26 years old, Kendall Jenner is in the best stage of her career and at her highest point of popularity. That is why she takes advantage of every intervention of hers on her Instagram to remind her 231 million followers that she goes for more and is not satisfied with being one of the favorite girls of the famous social network.

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian’s sister did not miss the opportunity to promote her 818 tequila through an image in which she was admired posing standing by a pool, showing off her curves without a bra and with a purple thong that barely covers your intimate area.

“@drink818 by the pool”, he wrote at the bottom of the photo that so far has 8.2 million red hearts and more than 18 thousand comments.

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Previously, the famous model and businesswoman also caused a stir by appearing posing with her sister Kylie, where both highlighted their charms by wearing sensual dresses without underwear.

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It is worth mentioning that, like all the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall has no qualms about surprising publications that always grab the spotlight, as happened when she did a photoshoot in the snow, dressed only in a black mini bikini, glasses, and high boots.

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