Kate Winslet’s Isn’t The Only One: Other Celebrity Videos That Touched Our Hearts (and that we won’t stop recommending)

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Kate Winslets
Kate Winslets

Kate Winslet’s inspiring words to a young German reporter ahead of her upcoming interview with her won our hearts. It’s true that her speeches, impulses very much in the type of “I’m going to confess something to you,” and elaborate undertakings meant to describe sad times of her life struck a connection with us, but she is hardly the only celebrity to do so. Alluding to the examinations.

We were profoundly affected by Selena Gomez’s documentary, My Mind & Me. The actress, singer, and producer has enjoyed a life of fame and luxury, but she has also endured incre

dibly difficult periods, such as her depressions, her kidney transplant due to lupus, and the discovery that she has bipolar disorder.

Kate Winslet Joins Divergent - Sandwichjohnfilms

Years of suffering in silence and visits to specialized clinics led to Selena opening up on social media, which led to her starring role in My Mind & Me, a six-year production in which she recounts some of her issues, the pain they caused, and the struggle of accepting and reconciling with herself. While there are certainly touching moments in the documentary proper, we were already moved by the trailer.

Michael J. Fox is another actor who has shown admirable optimism and drive while battling health issues. The actor, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s many years ago, recently won an honorary Oscar that was actually a humanitarian prize in recognition of his leadership of a foundation established in his day to study the condition.

Kate Winslet'S 12-Year-Old Son Is Pushing For Her To Win This Award | Vanity Fair

His dear friend Woody Harrelson (who, by the way, was on the edge of tears) presented Michael with the Oscar, and when he took the stage and began speaking, the audience, including Michael himself, felt an overwhelming urge to both cry and applause.

Anthony Hopkins has also been very forthcoming with the public as of late, so don’t miss this. Celebrating his 47 years sober (congratulations!) and sending a message to young people encouraging them to get treatment and someone to talk to about their troubles, the actor congratulated his followers on the New Year via TikTok.

In this comprehensive piece, he even encouraged us to avoid toxicity and embrace our individuality. You can hear him out (and see his charming grin) below:

Kate Winslet Stars With Her Daughter In I Am Ruth
And Kate Winslet is our pick. The answer is “yes” once more. The actress (and L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador) used the company’s “because you are worth it” campaign to convince us that we all have immense value; all we have to do is believe it. A saint’s worth of common sense.

Compatriot and friend since Sense and Sensibility Emma Thompson also had her moment in the sun at the most recent Berlin Film Festival, where she presented her film Good luck, Big Leo. The British star used the reporter’s inquiry about the naked woman on the tape as a springboard into a scathing speech on learning to love one’s body, especially as we age and the effects of time begin to show.

And she did not confine her remarks to internal validation; she also addressed external scrutiny.

Kate Winslet Net Worth: What Is The Fortune Of The Titanic Actress Who Will Now Appear In Avatar? | Marca

Jane Fonda is also actively working against ageism. For this reason, we’d like to bring to your attention a presentation she once gave, in which she defines old age as a period of introspection during which one gains wisdom and accepts oneself as they are.

A speech the actress gave when she was 73 years old that has since gone viral online (in December she turned 85). Even after more than a decade, her words are as true as ever, if not truer.

Kate Winslet: 5 Times The Actor Has Been Our Feminist Hero | Glamour Uk

And finally, we have Jennifer Coolidge. After accepting her Oscar for her role in The White Lotus at the most recent Golden Globes, the actress addressed the audience, telling them that sometimes dreams don’t come true and that it’s okay to let it go.

With just a few lines, Jennifer was able to go viral and inspire a groundswell of support for the cause.

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