Ferrari denies having banned Justin Bieber despite the fact that the singer violated several brand rules

Ferrari denied rumors about the company’s ban on Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

A few days ago the rumor arose that the Canadian singer Justin Bieber entered the blacklist of the legendary luxury vehicle brand Ferrari. Supposedly, the company announced that the singer will not be able to buy Ferrari vehicles for an indefinite period. However, Ferrari denied this information and assured us that the brand of luxurious vehicles “does not veto any client”. 

Although he is not banned, the interpreter of ‘Sorry’ violated the codes of conduct for buyers of the luxury brand.  In 2016, the artist customized his 458 Italia at Western Coast Customs’ famous car-cutting shop, a practice that is prohibited by Ferrari. At the time, the car was painted blue and had the exterior repainted with a Liberty Walk body kit.

Justin Bieber plans to move to Canada with Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber plans to move to Canada with Hailey Baldwin (Foto: Instagram @haileybaldwin)

According to Ferrari rules, buyers cannot make visual changes to the bodywork of their brand’s vehicles, they can only do so if they are done by companies licensed by the brand itself. A rule that Justin Bieber completely ignored.

However, the singer left the vehicle parked for two weeks at a nightclub in Beverly Hills. He too was arrested while driving that Ferrari without a license. The company includes in its policies a prohibition for buyers to sell the vehicle during the first year of use. However, in 2017, Justin Bieber decided to auction off the 458 Italia and won US$434,000.

Ferrari does reserve the right to decide to whom it sells special edition cars like the 812 Competizione. However, anyone can buy a stock car like Justin Bieber’s 458 Italia. Ferrari manufactures unique series of vehicles, called one-off. These models are sold to very exclusive clients and, in others, they can be kept for their museum. Being more limited productions, the brand chooses, without veto, its best clients. Possibly, due to the problems of him violating the Ferrari regulations, Justin Bieber cannot buy special edition vehicles, but he can buy series vehicles

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