Joy Behar’s bra malfunction surprises The View: ‘She almost put my eye out.’

Joy Behar
Joy Behar

On a special Valentine’s Day broadcast of The View, Joy Behar’s bra went feral. After moderator Whoopi Goldberg revealed that the show would host a holiday kissing booth for its studio audience throughout the broadcast, culminating in a “surprise” for one of the couples partaking, she segued into another surprising moment for the panel.

“The biggest surprise came seconds ago, when Joy’s bra began making all kinds of eyes at people at the table,” the 67-year-old explained. “It was like an earthquake, the bra suddenly said, ‘Hello!’ It was something else entirely.”

Joy Behar's bra malfunction stops 'The View': 'Almost took my eye out'


ABC On ‘The View,’ Joy Behar experiences a bra malfunction.

Sunny Hostin came over to tweak the microphone attached to Behar’s crimson jacket as the 80-year-old comedian revealed that the moment was “my special present to all the old people out there, all the old fellas.”

Then Sara Haines leaned forward and discreetly added, “And the lesbians.” Goldberg sought to move on to cover news about UFOs flying over American airspace, but the subject of Behar’s bra lingered.

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ABC (@) Joy Behar’s bra malfunction throws ‘The View’ into disarray.

“She nearly took my eye out from where I was sitting,” she laughed. “A lot of people are guessing about what’s been hanging above American sky – it’s her breasts.” “Just the left one!” Behar joked, hardly missing a beat.

Behar’s renegade bra joins a growing list of inanimate objects that have terrorized the cohost in recent months, including a chair that caused her to fall to the ground at the end of 2022, a cell phone that wouldn’t stop ringing during the live show, her apartment building’s elevator that trapped her in its clutches, and an old portrait of Behar left behind in Alyssa Farah Griffin’s dressing room.

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