Jennifer Lopez talks like never before about her relationship with her mother

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Rachita Salian
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She is one of the biggest stars on the planet and over the years, she has distinguished herself with her discipline and hard work. It is not uncommon to report the hard exercise routines that Jennifer Lopez performs and the much care that she has to always give her best on stage.

If anyone had any doubts about this, the singer’s documentary has further reinforced the idea of ​​work behind the success she has achieved in front of the screens. In Halftime, in addition to the effort that she put into her presentation at the Super Bowl – that she has given much to talk about because of her comments on Shakira-, you can learn a little more about JLo as a person and among her many memories she has not been able to avoid talking about her mother, Mrs. Guadalupe Rodriguez, from whom she received the discipline that has become her hallmark throughout of the last decades.

Jennifer Lopez

As she has always shared, Jennifer’s childhood in the Brox was not easy, which is why she is not surprised when she remembers her mother: “She did what she had to do to survive and that made her strong, but it also made her tough. She beat us up…” The singer’s parents are originally from Puerto Rico, but came to the United States when they were just children, the couple divorced in the 90s.

She “was surrounded by strong women. My mom is a super complicated woman and she carries a lot of traumas with her, she wanted us to be independent and never depend on a man, ”explained the star.

Clashes between mother and daughter were not uncommon, but things escalated when Jennifer was 18 years old and they clashed over the future of the also actress who wanted to drop out of college to dedicate herself full time to dancing, “My mom was like, ‘If you’re going to live in this house, you have to have an education. We got into a big fight one night and I just walked out.” Jennifer and Mrs. Guadalupe would not speak to each other again for eight months after that argument, but that is now a thing of the past.

Memories of her mother

That if Jennifer remembers things this way, her mother also has memories of her own. During the documentary, Doña Guadalupe explained: “I always had the highest expectations for them. It wasn’t being critical. It was just to show you that you can do better.”

The messages from her mother were well kept in the unconscious of JLo, who during the documentary narrates how hard it was for her not to have been nominated for an Oscar when she had every intention of being one for her work in Hustler.

Although now, mother and daughter have a good relationship, Doña Guadalupe is clear about the difficulties they faced during the early years of the actress, who was already characterized by a strong and self-confident personality.

“Jennifer was the one that cost me the most work, to tell you the truth. We fought a lot. I was far from being the perfect mother. The only thing I can always say, (is that) everything I did, I did with her best interests in mind,” she recalled.

The hard work of mother and daughter paid off and now, not only does JLo triumph on stage, but from time to time she is accompanied by her mother, either in a show or in a fashion campaign in which her mother also participates daughter.

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