Issa Vegas takes a mirror selfie to show off her figure

The beautiful Argentine model Issa Vegas left her followers impressed and very much in love after sharing some very flirtatious images

Issa Vegas Takes A Mirror Selfie To Show Off Her Figure
Issa Vegas takes a mirror selfie to show off her figure

The model Issa Vegas of Argentine origin is cataloged as one of the most relevant fitness celebrities in her country, she has her followers in love with the flirtatious images that she uploads to her Instagram account, she has almost 10 million followers, she also has different accounts like Twitter, Facebook, the platform of the moment, Tik Tok and of course an account on the spicy platform where risque content is uploaded called OnlyFans, all of which have millions and thousands of followers.

Issa Vegas Takes A Mirror Selfie To Show Off Her Figure

The subscription to her OnlyFans account costs $20 dollars, something like $400 Mexican pesos, that’s where she uploads her very daring and flirtatious content that leaves very little to the image showing the result of years of hard work exercising because Issa Vegas is Crossfit lover, through the different social networks he shares his routines to have that marked and solid abdomen, also to work the rear.

Weightlifting, squats, strides, challenges to exercise the different parts of the body, for example, the last one he uploaded is to strengthen the arms, he showed different exercises to have stronger and thinner arms, but he has also done for the legs and full cardio, are the exercise segments that the model posts on her personal accounts.

In the photos that she recently uploaded we can see her in front of the mirror, being in undergarments, a coquettish black imitation ‘animal print’ two-piece outfit, posing in a very daring way and showing off her flat abdomen, in total there are three definite photographs where comes out with the nice outfit but in different poses.


Click HERE to see the photos of Issa Vegas.

The comments from her followers are full of hearts, emoticons with faces of lovers, flames, calling her “goddess”, reminding her how good she looks in that small outfit that leaves very little to the imagination, just like the others she shares, well He has accustomed his followers to upload spicy images where sometimes it is only threads that he brings as an outfit.

Or in little bathing suits showing her rear in its full splendor, sometimes she is accompanied by other beautiful models who are friends of Argentina.

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