Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone is re-released in the cinema: when can it be seen in Argentina

To celebrate its twenty years, the story that captivated adults and children is back on the billboard to the joy of the fans

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) in the first Harry Potter movie to become a worldwide furor

They celebrate 20 years of the magic of this little boy who conquered adults and children around the world. Harry Potter, and the whole world created in the original novels of JK Rowling, were part of the childhood of many and also of adults who accompanied their children, nephews, grandchildren in this unique adventure. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint), and Hermione (Emma Watson) became those three fellow Hogwarts who took us through their stories to a world full of fantasy and magic.

This November 11 marks exactly 20 years since the premiere of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and in honor of this anniversary, Warner Bros. Pictures brings the film back to the big screen, with a subtitled version and another dubbed into Spanish. Longtime fans and new generations will be able to jump on this adventure that will also feature special content that will include screen trivia, fun facts, and comments from Chris Columbus, the film’s director.

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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’S Stone Is Re-Released In The Cinema: When Can It Be Seen In Argentina

The idea is to fall in love with that beginning of Potter again, when he arrives at Platform 9 and ¾ from the station at King’s Cross station with a final destination at Hogwarts. In total, there are eight films in the Harry Potter saga that have become over the years one of the most loved and admired franchises in the world. Its protagonist, Daniel Radcliffe, was 11 when the first film was released and 21 in the last film in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Beyond the saga based on Rowling’s work, the Harry Potter universe expanded and included two extra productions. One of them is Fantastic Animals, which has two parts, and a third installment expected for 2022. The other is Harry Potter and the Cursed Legacy, the play. Harry’s world seems to have no limits despite the fact that ten years have passed since the last premiere, and his fans are reproduced in all parts of the world.

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Little Harry Potter Played By Daniel Radcliffe

Joanne Rowling’s story is truly series worthy. His creation of this fantastic world arose when he was mourning the death of his mother, unemployed and without money. Legend has it that his first manuscripts were written in a cafe on napkins he found in a bar.

As of today, the sales of Harry Potter books exceed 500 million copies sold. The Bloomsbury publishing house asked her to sign with her initials because they feared that the children would not buy the books because they were a female author. Data that seems difficult to believe in this century but they were some of the obstacles that the author of one of the best sagas in the history of fantasy literature encountered.

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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’S Stone Is Re-Released On November 11 In Theaters In Argentina

The United Kingdom surrendered at the feet of Harry Potter who became another product of the saga for export as happened with James Bond, Agent 007. His universe was very tempting for most of the most prestigious English actors who wanted to be part of this world. Thus we saw throughout the eight films Alan Rickman as Severus SnapeMaggie Smith as Minerva McGonagallMichael Gambon as Professor Albus DumbledoreGary Oldman as Sirius BlackHelena Boham-Carter as Bellatrix LestrangeJason Issacs as Lucius MalfoyEmma Thompson as Sybill TrelawneyFiona Shaw as Petunia DursleyHelen McCrory as Narcissa MalfoyImelda Stauton remembered for her Dolores Umbridge and Ralph Fiennes as the fearsome Lord Voldemort, among others.


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