To infinity and beyond!: the trailer for Lightyear, the spin off of Toy Story

Chris Evans is in charge of voicing the character in its English version. The Pixar production will hit theaters on June 16, 2022

Pixar Lightyear
To infinity and beyond !: the trailer for Lightyear, the spin off of Toy Story

I am your faithful friend… Woody the cowboy sang, little Andy’s favorite toy when the mega new toy that everyone wanted to have arrived on a birthday. It was Buzz Lightyear, the space doll that was the newest on the market. Woody was overwhelmed by the arrival of Buzz, but in the first film together they forged a friendship that continues to stir to this day. Toy Story is undoubtedly an unforgettable film, created by Pixar, that showed us the universe of toys when they were not in the sight of humans.

But now Buzz really went the extra mile and managed to have his own movie. This is Lightyear, the spin off that will tell the story of the character on which they were based to make the toy. Here neither Woody nor any of the characters that we saw throughout the saga will appear. The voice of this brave space soldier will be provided by “Captain America”, Chris Evan s (who is moving from the Marvel universe to disembark in the Pixar universe for a moment) as the beloved Tim Allen (the actor who voiced Buzz between 1995 and 2021) will not participate in this spin off.

Evans, for his part, declared himself an absolute fan of Toy Story and thus referred to his participation in the film: “The phrase ‘a dream come true’ is used a lot, but it has never meant so much in my life. Anyone who knows me knows that my love for animated films runs deep. I can’t believe I can be a part of the Pixar family and work with these truly brilliant artists who tell stories like no one else. Watching them work is nothing more and nothing less than magic. I pinch myself every day”. It is that the actor has on his shoulders a great responsibility to interpret with his vocal cords the hero in which the toy was inspired.

Toy Story 2 Scaled
Disney Pixar’S Official Lightyear Poster Coming June 2022

Lightyear will be directed by Angus MacLane, an old Pixar acquaintance who has under his belt titles such as Finding Dory (2016) or Toy Story of terror (2013). MacLane referred to the film and clarified that, despite being a spin off, they are not going to tell the story of the toy but of the character on which they were based to make it: “This is their own thing. This is independent. It’s the Buzz Lightyear movie. He is that character, but as the young pilot and space ‘ranger’, not as the toy”, noted in an interview. It is that the endearing Buzz Lightyear is actually a toy based on Lightyear, a character from a science fiction franchise who was in turn a captain of the Universe Protection Unit of the Intergalactic Alliance.

MacLane gave a couple of details about the film (some of them can already be seen in the trailer) and stated: “If the core elements of what Buzz is were right, you would want to make sure it had a laser, you would probably want it to have legs. rocket ship and you would probably want to make it have a recognizable antagonist at some point”.

Toy Story 3
Lightyear, Focuses On The Story Of The Heroes On Which They Were Based To Create The Toy

So far that is all we know. It is one of the biggest releases after the last Toy Story installment that was originally announced as the final one. While more details are awaited, it is worth enjoying the spin offs that arise like this film that will arrive next year in all theaters and already promises to be a box office success. Will there be a Woody spin off? For now, we do not know but what we are sure of is that the Toy Story universe does not want to say goodbye to us, humans.


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