Georgina Rodriguez will not allow her pals to touch her new bag

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez

As a video of Georgina Rodriguez forcing her pals not to touch her new purse went viral, the backlash was swift.

Several people on social media have made a clip from the new season of the reality program of the model Georgina Rodriguez go viral, who has demonstrated some extremely problematic attitudes throughout all of the episodes.


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On this occasion, the moment in which the Spanish celebrity showed her pals a new ostrich skin purse, which she did not let them touch directly but instead forced them to use, was widely shared on TikTok. a glove-like sheath.

Critique for Georgina Rodriguez’s behavior did not take long to arrive, and within a few hours it had been mentioned in a very bad way, pointing out that it was overblown when making such a request.


Georgina Rodriguezz


“Even the Kardashians are more humble than this girl,” “Nooooo it’s one thing to be careful with things and another to be a horrible person, what a hefty woman aunt,” and “One more reason to avoid pain and a waste of time to see his documentary so superficial,” were among the remarks.

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