Galilea Montijo flaunts her beauty in a close-up photo

Galilea Montijoo
Galilea Montijoo

In a recent postcard, the presenter from Guadalajara displayed her attractiveness from a close-up shot of Galilea Montijo.

Zooming in on the television host’s face did not frighten Galilea Montijo in front of her more than 9 million fans, to whom she demonstrated what a gorgeous woman she is.

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With the passage of time, the host of Hoy and Netas Divinas has become one of the platform’s favorites, and it is that the one born in Guadalajara does not miss a chance to model her sculpted physique, despite the fact that on this occasion, other of her charms monopolized all attention.

Galilea Montijo demonstrated why she is one of the most acclaimed on the Instagram social network, where the ambassador of “Latingal store” captivates with varied fashion concepts, in a recent snapshot.

Hoy program Galilea Montijo is fractured after a heavy fall


Similarly, the “model of H men” and recent publications such as the “bunny magazine” highlight the current cosmetics and hair trends, as what the famous 49-year-old demonstrated in her recent beauty style is up to date!

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres featured in a new postcard with her hair in a high updo tied with a fiucsa pink ribbon, which she coupled with cosmetics in pink tones that emphasized her look, which had the shine of small drops applied to the sides of his eyes and the sides of his forehead.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

The actor of “The Hidden Truth” quickly received praise and beautiful remarks in which she was dubbed “Doll,” “Beautiful,” and other descriptors, in addition to 38,406 likes.

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