Livia Brito has a program for toning legs at any age


The television actress monopolizes the spotlight once more by appearing in full routine that defines Livia Brito‘s physique and is suitable for any age.

Without a doubt, the television actress urges her fans to take care of their bodies, and it was Livia Brito herself who allowed herself to be photographed with a ball in hand and completing squat repetitions, the ideal regimen at any age.

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Although she is most known as the protagonist of “La Piloto” and other melodramas such as “Triunfo del amor,” in which she began in 2010, she has always been known for her wonderful figure, and in recent years her presence on Instagram and Tik Tok has become everything. a benchmark of the fitness lifestyle.

In addition to discussing her hobbies and projects on the small screen, particularly “La Desalmada” and “Mujer de nadie,” two of Livia Brito’s most recent works, the model boosted her heart rate for several hours in the middle of the films she provided.

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The alo yoga spokesperson flaunts her statuesque physique while performing squats with a ball in front, an excellent workout for toning the legs at any age.

That was how Instagram celebrity Livia Brito Pestana captured hearts once more when she reappeared in a red sports attire consisting of a crop top and tight leggings that defined her shape.


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In recent days, the film and theater actress and host, born in 1986, has returned to her native Cuba for a few relaxing days and rest without neglecting her physical activities, which she has once again documented on video, thus motivating his faithful community of ALIVIANados to get moving and take care of their physical health.

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