Galilea Montijo in a leather look steals the show in Hoy

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Galilea Montijo
Galilea Montijo

The stunning television presenter stunned everyone by modeling a black leather outfit consisting of a top and waist-cinched pants that revealed Galilea Montijo‘s slender figure.

The ” Tapata ” modeled a set in one of her most recent Instagram sessions, where she accumulated just over 9 million followers who couldn’t take their eyes off the famous 49-year-old.

Pin De Fabian Bernald Em Galilea Montijo | Roupas, Roupas De Couro

With a short top and high-waisted pants, Galilea Montijo demonstrates once again that she is an expert on the most popular clothing of the moment, and who also added the classic blazer-style garment that she models only on top and which, together with a pair of black sneakers, the Hoy host put together a sophisticated and modern outfit.

The reactions in the publication came in a matter of minutes, highlighting “The complete look” of the model of recent editions such as the bunny” who was caught standing in front of a small garden from which “La Gali ” showed off her entire outfit to which she added several necklaces in gold-like tones.

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As a result, there was no shortage of praise for “La Mujer,” including “Hermosaaa”, “Bellisimaa”, “Guapaa”, “You are a doll”, and “You are a doll” among others that Martha Galilea Montijo Torres gathered, adding to 16,587 likes.

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