Gad Yola, a Peruvian drag artist who triumphs in Spain.

After 15 years, drag artist Gad Yola returned to Peru to record her first single “No exotice” in the streets of Callao, a crude song based on her own experience.

Gad Yola was born in La Victoria but grew up in Callao before moving to Spain. He was only ten years old when he arrived in Europe. She discovered her true calling as a drag queen while studying audiovisual communication. “Gad Yola is a collective work that has been created for four years, thanks to the support of many people who see something very special in me, with power, and that motivates me to function more and keep going,” he stated.

“I am a non-binary individual; I do not fall into the category of a cisgender man or woman.” “My vocation validates me as a drag queen, as a transvestite, and my pronouns are he, she, and she,” he said in an interview with La Repblica about the release of his first single “No exotic.”

According to him, his stage name was inspired in part by Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who plays Wonder Woman in the film “Wonder Woman,” but it also has a more ominous meaning.

“It’s a play on words that aren’t understood in Peru (my family never gets it), but it’s here.” Being a Gad Yola is an act of self-pleasure, and whoever understands, understands.”

Gad Yola actualmente radica en España, pero dice sentirse orgullosa de sus orígenes peruanos. Foto: Gad Yola/Instagram
Photo: Gad Yola/Instagram
Gad Yola currently resides in Spain, but she is proud of her Peruvian ancestors. Photographer: Gad Yola/Instagram

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