The “You” showrunner confirms the reason for the shift in the traumatic events that Joe Goldberg went through.

The fourth season of Netflix’s suspense, horror, and psychological drama is set to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2022.

A shift in Joe’s trauma

When the fanatic empathizes with the murderer, a series of flashbacks occur that reveal his dark past.

According to a review by writer Gerardo Aguilar for Vader. news, the third and fourth seasons were going to be the return of a character from Joe’s past who had been introduced in the first season but had only played a minor role.

Mr. Ivan Mooney is played by Mark Blum. Mooney’s appearances on the screen as relics of a tragic past showed him punishing Joe by locking him in glass cages, just as the murderer does with his victims.

All of this drama was supposed to be resolved in the third installment. Actor Mark Blum, on the other hand, was one of the victims who claimed covid-19.

As a result of the actor’s death, the writers recast Joe in a completely new scenario rather than recasting the role of the old man.

“When we consider how old young Joe is in these flashbacks, we imagine a story that takes us back to the time when he met Mr. Mooney.” We were very excited to find out what that relationship was like at the start. You see a little bit of season 1’s middle and end, so we wanted to tell a story that took him out of those (group homes) and led him to the bookstore. Sera Gamble, the series’ showrunner, said, “I was really excited about it.”

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