Dwayne Johnson shares how he commemorates his deceased grandparents

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

In a moment of introspection, actor Dwayne Johnson shares with his fans the moving visit to the grave of his maternal grandparents

Through his social networks, the actor Dwayne Johnson is not afraid to share with his community of fans some valuable moments of his private life and this time it was his turn to appreciate the moving visit he made to his grandparents’ grave.

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Accompanying the video clip where he sings in front of the commemorative plaque, the actor began by saying that “it’s always so good to spend time at my grandfather’s and grandmother’s grave,” specifying that they are his mother’s parents.

Later,  Dwayne Johnson told how he spent the afternoon in the company of his mother in a moment of emotional union.


“We just sit around, sing a little bit, talk about history, and laugh. Cry a little. Cycle of life”, he went on to say”


He also added one of the anecdotes that they told on this day about their grandmother. “My grandmother would NEVER look at actual food on a menu—she would always look at the price $ first to determine if the restaurant was ‘too heavy’ or not,” it reads.


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