Pedro Sola is shocked, gives a tremendous kiss on the mouth with a young youtuber

Pedro Sola
Pedro Sola

What a moment the one that Pedro Sola, the driver of Ventaneado, starred in, well, without thinking about it, he gave himself a tremendous kiss on the mouth with a young driver, leaving the scene on video 

What a controversy that has arisen around the host of the famous program Ventaneando, Pedro Sola , well, in a recent interview , he left everyone speechless by planting a tremendous kiss on the mouth of a young youtuber, causing all kinds of reactions.


Pedro Sola attended the YouTube program, ‘Somos + batos’, hosted by Rom Alan and Aldair Leal and it was there that the situation became heated , because, from one moment to the next, the youtuber approached the 76-year-old driver from age to give each other a passionate kiss.

The unexpected and controversial kiss occurred after talking about the scandalous breakup between Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín , in which it was even rumored that it was because of the “kissing” on the mouth that the former Timbiriche gave with ” El Apio ” , a member of Kabah , with whom he shares the stage on the 90s Pop Tour.


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At the time of talking about the breakup between Andrea Legarreta and Erick Rubín, Pedro Sola, who openly belongs to the LGBT community, reproached the behavior of Rubín and “El Apio”, therefore, he cataloged it as unnecessary and illogical.

He even pointed out that a man who likes women one hundred percent could not have that kind of contact with a man who openly recognized himself attracted to other men.


“An actor who is not gay can play gay characters, and an actor who is gay can play a character who is not, actors are actors, in the end it is a show, what I think is unnecessary, it is not normal ”, he mentioned in this podcast.”


Given these statements, the drivers, Rom Alan and Aldair Leal, who are also part of the Venga La Alegría production team, reacted astonished. “Why isn’t it normal? What does he have?” Aldair questioned.

Immediately, Pedro Sola, replied that for a man who likes other men, it is indifferent to kissing another who is or is not, but for a man who likes women, it is a challenge.


Given the logic of Pedro Sola, the two youtubers disagreed and denied that this was true, one of them even assured that he would have no problem kissing the driver, so he faced the challenge to prove it.


“It doesn’t cause me any problem, those are already issues of fragile masculinity,” Aldair replied.”


After that statement, his partner, Rom, took the opportunity and challenged him to prove it by kissing Pedro Sola and although he initially told him to give him a “piquito kiss”, at the moment their lips met, the The veteran driver bit his lips, giving himself a tremendous kiss.


“Pedrito kisses rich ”, assured Aldair, after the kiss with Pedro Sola.”


It was Pedro Sola himself who shared the video of the kiss on his Instagram account, generating all kinds of reactions with comments of all kinds. However, hours later, the driver deleted the video.

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