Dwayne Johnson becomes the pink canvas of his daughters

dwaynejohnson 2000x1270 1
dwaynejohnson 2000x1270 1

With a loving family, actor Dwayne Johnson never lacks for smiles, who now surprises his fans by being turned into a work of art

Daddy, can we give you a makeover?” Was the phrase that began with the great transformation that would leave the actor Dwayne Johnson turned into a work of art at the hands of his two little daughters.

Dwayne Johnson

Through Instagram, the movie star shared that 7-year-old Jasmine and her 4-year-old sister Tiana played a prank on him just 10 minutes after starting an important Zoom meeting.

And it is that the girls did a special makeup with a bright pink lipstick all over her face, making it impossible for Dwayne Johnson  to continue with his agenda. But this would not be the first time, since it is customary for him to let himself paint his nails.


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With a loving family he never lacks for smiles, as little antics are part of his daily life. As he explains, “There will be a time when these things won’t matter to you anymore, so sign me up.”

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