Dragon Ball Super chapter 90: Trunks and Goten defeat Dr. Hedo with two unexpected friends

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball

Dr. Hedo, who has been after Saiyaman X-1 and X-2, finally met Trunks and Goten in Dragon Ball Super chapter 90. Fans also saw Mai and Krillin plot against the scientist.

Saiyaman X-1 and X-2 defeated Dr. Hedo’s android Baytah in the previous chapter. Mai joined Trunks’s class, giving the half-Saiyan more chances to ask his crush out.

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Dragon Ball Super chapter 90: Mai discovers Trunks and Goten’s identities.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 began with Krillin finding the zombies Dr. Hedo had enslaved. The former met Mai while investigating. Goten also took the bus a few stops from school to hide his distance.

Due to his friendship with Trunks, Fyler asked Goten for a favor on his way to school. Later, Beta No. 7m, another Dr. Hedo android, attacked their bus, but Goten disguised himself as Saiyaman X-2 and defeated him.

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Mai asked Trunks to dance after learning that Clean God would be at the Dance Party at school. She knew Dr. Hedo liked Clean God from her research. Thus, she lured the scientist to the school knowing they were watched.

Dr. Hedo was lured to the dance party by Mai and Krillin. Dr. Hedo, with Baytah’s help, escaped the school with Trunks’ stolen disk. Trunks questioned Mai’s actions while checking on her. After revealing that Trunks was Saiyaman X-1, she accepted his date offer.

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Trunks, Goten, and Krillin then pursued Dr. Hedo, learning about his connection to Dr. Gero. Goten and Trunks were excited that Dr. Hedo was a big villain. Dr. Hedo unleashed Dinodroid No.1 when they reached his lab. The trio easily defeated him, arresting the scientist.

Dr. Hedo only wanted Trunks and Goten to retrieve his Clean God autograph from the disk container. Dr. Hedo’s sentence was reduced after he let his zombies go home. He insisted on research.

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Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 conclusion

Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 revealed Saiyaman X-1 and X-2’s true identities, and Mai accepted Trunks’s date offer. Thus, the upcoming Trunks chapter may include their dates. Dr. Hedo was determined to create the strongest android, even if it meant breaking the rules.

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