Critics destroy Yanet Garcia for dressing like the Virgin Mary

yagnet grscis
yagnet grscis

During the Hoy program, the “sexiest girl in the world” dressed up to celebrate Christmas, but things did not go as she expected

Every time you can, Yanet García draws attention in the networks, but this time I do not need to show her physical attributes in tight clothes.

In the Hoy program, all the presenters had to arrive dressed as characters from a Christmas pastorale, representing the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and the shepherds who wanted to worship Jesus at his birth in Bethlehem.

To the climate of the “sexiest in the world,” he had to dress like the mother of the baby Jesus and thus informed about the weather forecast in Mexico.


The costumes caused controversy among some users of social networks, who agreed in their criticism by pointing out that she “has nothing virgin”.

The detractors only managed to get the curious to look for images of her dressed as a Virgin in the morning program, where her coworkers also made fun of Garcia being “a virgin”.

Somehow he complied with the requests of his fans, who asked him to stop teaching only his body.

His exercise routines, bikini photos, and selfies showing the rear are the constant publications in their social networks, but some of his followers consider that it is just a way to get attention.

What do you think?

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