Marc Anthony’s son sets Instagram on fire: is he more handsome than his father?

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Ryan Muniz Torres
Ryan Muniz Torres

For a man who considers himself ugly and attributes his success with women solely to his sense of humor, Marc Anthony hasn’t fared too badly when it came to love. In fact, he has been married to Miss Universe Dayanara Torres and Jennifer Lopez, not to mention that he is currently engaged to the finalist of that same beauty pageant.

Regardless of what he thinks of his physical attractiveness, the singer cannot deny that he has become one of the great Latin sex symbols, but it seems that very soon someone could take that title from him within his own family.

His son Ryan Muñiz Torres, the youngest of the two he had with Dayanara, has just revolutionized Instagram with his latest publication and even his mother has ended up reacting to acknowledge: “My God! It’s not that she’s your mother, it’s that you are BEAUTIFUL!!!”, adding by the way the emoticon of several flares.

Ryan, 18 years old, has been sharing several photos throughout this 2022 in which he poses like a true model and that positions him as the next young man with a pedigree ready to become a star.

He will be the one to decide in what profession exactly. Of course, she does not lack the attributes to succeed in the world of fashion because she has inherited Dayanara’s light eyes and angular features, but she also has her father’s musical talent and plays several instruments, so she has many options at her disposal. scope.

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