Chiquis Rivera with her three jumpsuits to flaunt as Queen Bee

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

What exactly is a “Queen Bee”? Chiquis Rivera has the look for it; here are her top three picks for the best jumpsuits.

Chiquis Rivera’s dress sense altered 180 degrees when she began her ” Queen Bee ” era with the release of her most recent studio album, because she now looks like a disco queen, strong, empowered, and powerful.


Chiquis luce muy sexy y delgada con este look | People en Español


The entrepreneur appears on stage looking simply fantastic in each of the presentations that she has scheduled in the various cities of her tour, so this time I have a top three of the greatest outfits to look like a total “Queen Bee “.


Chiquis Rivera desafía Instagram con arriesgado escote y confiesa que se  pasó de copas | El Heraldo de México


1.With mesmerizing openings

Chiquis Rivera stole sighs shortly after commencing the ” Queen Bee Tour ” last year, showing off her curvy physique in a tight transparent costume in black.


Two wide openings on the front of the stunning singer draw all attention to her prominent charms. Chiquis glammed up her outfit with a large fuzzy coat, transforming it into a more sophisticated look.


VIDEO: Chiquis Rivera sube la temperatura en entallado jumpsuit de encaje |  El Heraldo de México


2.Very elegant, like a second skin!

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter snapped herself on camera for her admirers after a wild party and a few drinks, adjusting her small waist in an attractive black and grey jumpsuit.

Large sleeves, but with an interesting diagonal opening for a bit extra flirting, and a stunning black belt with a golden buckle for an interesting colour contrast.


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3.In flattering black leather

Before the action begins! Chiquis Rivera enhanced her attractiveness before leaving her dressing room and going onto the platform, standing nicely for the camera and presenting the best angles of her costume choice.

It was a flattering black and gold leather jumpsuit that she topped off with high-heeled stiletto trainers.

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