Chiquis Rivera, the man who eternally changed her life, Juan Trinidad Marn

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

José Trinidad Marin was the father and abuser of singer Chiquis Rivera, a horrific event in his life.

One of the most difficult backgrounds in the singer Chiquis Rivera’s life is related to José Trinidad Marn, who used to be Jenni Rivera’s husband, because at the age of 15 she fell pregnant, forcing her to begin her stage as a mother at a young age.

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As a result, José Trinidad Marn is the father of the interpreter of ” Between besos y copas “, but he was unable to receive the prize for the best father in the world because he committed horrible atrocities against his two daughters, her and Jacqie, who is the daughter who comes after Chiquis.

This occurrence occurred in Chiquis Rivera’s childhood, and because he raised his voice, this man is today in custody, serving a 31-year sentence for having performed these atrocities, but his wickedness did not end there, as one of the band’s artist’s sisters confessed that it also happened to her.

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That’s true, Jenni Rivera’s sister was also a victim of him, as he has publicly stated on several times, so there are now three Rivera women to whom he has committed actions that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Jenni, the band’s diva, was the one who decided to act legally, demonstrating her guilt, resulting in her long and well-deserved sentence; unfortunately, Jenni died in a plane disaster in 2012.

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Chiquis Rivera’s podcast “Chiquis & Chill” is a private space for her since she talks on issues that interest her or even recounts about events she has had to confront, going into greater detail about this difficult chapter of her life.

She has told them a little more about her life, all the problems she has experienced, but she continues to stand, so she wants to let her followers know that if she can, so can they, and I can empower them because of this space.

Chiquis Rivera cambia su imagen y capitaliza su experiencia

Every Monday, he releases a new episode, but he also has a new part called “Dear Chiquis,” in which he asks his followers to send him questions or seek guidance, while emphasising that he is not an expert or psychologist and that he speaks from his feelings.

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