Georgina Rodriguez shows her telescopic eyelash secret

Georgina Rodrguez
Georgina Rodrguez

The lovely model Georgina Rodriguez has the most gorgeous eyelashes in the middle, so she revealed the key to keeping them that way.

The gorgeous Georgina Rodriguez has been the face of numerous trend magazines, and she has become a fashion icon, because her wonderful bearing, elegance, and good sense of dressing have catalogued her as the epitome of glamour for women. social networks.

“I’m very happy to tell you that I’m collaborating with @lorealparis on the launch of the new Telescopic Lift mascara. Now you can get #telescopinglashes just like mine.”

Now, without ignoring her stunning beauty, because her fine features won the heart of one of the best football players Cristiano Ronaldo, or other qualities that have complimented the young 29-year-old businesswoman the most, it’s her stunning eyelashes.

Georgina Rodriguez’s eyelashes have been described as being long, Asian, and charming. In a recent publication, the model informed her followers that she will be the face of the beauty and skin care brand’s new launch. L’Oreal has an intriguing mascara.

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“Give your eyelashes a telescopic turn,” the famous said, as she starred in the brand’s video with a very empowering mood, showing off her small profile in a tight and striking black outfit with glitter around it.

These were the words with which Georgina Rodrguez began her publication, announcing her partnership with L’Oreal, a sensible decision, according to her followers, because the lovely eyelashes of CR7’s wife have generated a sensation on social networks, despite the fact that they are natural.

Georgina Rodriguez breaks down over the loss of her baby

Followers were ecstatic to be able to sample this new product and report that it gives their lashes significantly more volume, similar to Georgina’s, as well as a “telescopic” aspect.

Georgina Rodriguez was promoting the second season of the Netflix documentary “I’m Georgina,” and she was discussing the worst and finest experiences she had in 2022, because it was full of mixed emotions.

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