Chiquis Rivera pushes herself and shares her experiences on social media

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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Chiquis Rivera 1 Scaled E1645681661536
Chiquis Rivera 1 scaled e1645681661536

Chiquis Rivera, a singer, not only improves as an artist, but also as a person, and he communicates his progress on social media.

Chiquis Rivera’s material is not just about her profession in the music industry and her beauty and skincare business, but she also wants to have a positive impact on her fans and help them drive themselves.

Chiquis Rivera

Therefore, in a clip, which is available on the 37-year-old artist’s official account, it can be seen that she went to a mountain to climb, and the high altitude and snow were the protagonists of the gorgeous panorama that was implied in the video.

In the clip’s description, Chiquis Rivera expressed the following thought:

“Make a habit of challenging your mind…your body…your soul!
Get out of your comfort zone, get your heart rate up with excitement, take risks, do things you normally wouldn’t do. That’s living your life better “.

A way to be a better person, to live and to enjoy life, the interpreter of “Abeja Reina” has stated on several occasions that she believes her goal in life is to encourage her followers, to empower women who need motivation, and to show that yes, you can.

As a result, its content tends to emphasize on inner peace and, above all, self-love, because when we are well within ourselves, we can be peaceful in general.

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